The BFitter Performance Exercise Library is suitable for a wide range of individuals, in various stages of the exercise education.

First and foremost, we aim to provide a comprehensive library of quality short exercise videos that will be suitable for learning the exercises yourself, or provide the basis to teach the exercises to your client.

We provide a solid rationale for when exercises may be suitable and give alternative thinking on an exercise that will allow you to look at a known exercise, in a very different way, and therefore expanding your exercise options for a given situation. This is where we transfer our years of experience to you directly.

Our narrated exercise videos give you the points you need to know to ensure safe, effective execution of each exercise whilst providing you a written description using our vast experience in the field. Add to that the fact we have given you alternative views on each exercise, less obvious ways the exercise can be used as well as similar or related exercises to broaden your exercise horizons, there is no doubt our exercise library can enhance your knowledge and understanding in the field of exercise

Our anatomy sections show you pictures of the muscles, clearing showing their origins and insertions

All the relevant information for each muscle is listed in a simple format. Enabling your a simple structure to learn

We even show you exercises that work this muscle. Helping to consolidate your new found knowledge, making learning easier and more applied than ever before

Students will find the resource extremely useful due to the narrative, easy to understand, nature of the explanations, short concise cueing to aid form and execution of the exercises to help build your knowledge base and give you confidence that you’re applying the techniques appropriately. This will help give them a wider range of exercise options for their clients and help with your clinical reasoning for exercise suitability.

Those wanting to learn anatomy and anatomical terminology will find our Basic Anatomy section extremely useful as this is the ground our knowledge is built upon. We will then take that even further, for those wishing to learn more. Helping them to understand how our anatomy ties together for a more comprehensive knowledge of applied anatomy and how we can affect it with exercise. We believe that also makes the Exercise Library useful for those already in the industry.

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