Trusted Suppliers

The therapy, sports and exercise sectors are a minefield of misinformation and bad intentions. Here we provide a list of Trusted Suppliers of a variety of services that will help you on your journey towards your goals. Below you will find a list of such companies that BFitter has used for several years and can recommend to provide you with industry leading services. The nature of BFitter’s relationship which each business is noted to ensure full transparency.

About The Edge HPL

The Edge is a private consultancy that specialises in personalised nutrition support, as well as state-of-the-art metabolic and physiological testing, including gold-standard assessments of metabolism, cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, blood panel analysis and advance sweat testing.

Our clientele reside around the world and include those operating in elite sport, business and entertainment.

Notable clients:

  • Multiple Formula 1 drivers & teams (including Mercedes AMG HPP Formula 1)

  • 50+ Premier League football players

  • Multiple Olympic Medalists

  • Multiple world champion fighters

For more information visit The Edge HPL website

About Vivomed

Established in 2000 and has now become one of the leading Sports Medicine Suppliers in the world. Stocking one of the widest ranges of sports medicine products available anywhere and constantly developing and evaluating new products. They are constantly adding new ranges of products and for buyers who are searching for the best deals and promotions. They stand behind every product they sell and guarantee 100% satisfaction. We have an affiliate relationship with Vivomed, using the link below will help activate that to your purchase.

Vivomed is a trusted supplier of:

  • Therapy consumables

  • Rehabilitation equipment

Click here to visit Vivomed’s website

About AirBand BFR

AirBands are a blood flow restriction (BFR) device owned by Vald Performance, who are the company behind the NordBord, ForceFrame and ForceDecks. Airbands are linked to a mobile phone app which will calibrate your cuffs to your physiology, putting the correct (evidence driven) pressure into the cuff to reduce your arterial blood flow to the optimal amount for blood flow restriction training. This takes the guesswork out blood flow restriction. We have an affiliate relationship with AirBands and Barry has presented for Vald Performance on the use of BFR in the rehabilitation environment.

  • Use the code barrysigrist to get free shipping on Airbands BFR

  • Use this link if you are ready to make your purchase AirBands BFR website

About RockTape

Rocktape is a flexible, robust athletic tape that can help in the rehabilitation and reconditioning phases of pain and athletic performance. The tape is widely used in professional sports as well as Crossfit, which we have found has improved it’s formula to improve it’s ability to stay on, without irritating the skin. We have no affiliate link to RockTape.

  • Kinesiology tape

  • Mobility Products

Click here to visit RockTape’s kinesiology tape page