It is important to BFitter that you have access to trusted equipment suppliers that will help you on your journey towards your goals. Below you will find a list of such companies that BFitter has used for several years and can recommend them to provide you with industry leading equipment.

Vivomed is a trusted supplier of:


  • Therapy consumables
  • Rehabilitation equipment


Click here to visit Vivomed’s website

AirBand BFR is a trusted supplier of:

AirBand BFR are an excellent new brand of blood flow restriction cuffs. The AirBands BFR are linked to a mobile phone app which will calibrate your cuffs to your physiology, putting the correct (evidence driven) pressure into the cuff to reduce your arterial blood flow to the optimal amount for blood flow restriction. This takes the guesswork out blood flow restriction.


Use the link supplied to be directed to Perform Better’s website

Rock tape is a trusted supplier of:


  • Kinesiology tape
  • Mobility Products


Click here to visit RockTape’s kinesiology tape page