What is Sports Therapy?

We’re often asked “what is Sports Therapy?”. A simple answer is that it is an approach to acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries similar to physiotherapy. The general process is the same, a thorough assessment leading to appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Our Sports Therapist at BFitter combines a very movement and hands on approach to unearth any root-cause of problems to not only treat the current pain but to help to prevent the pain developing again. This approach is to ensure movement across the whole body is well distributed stopping overuse in regions prone to doing just that.

A thorough assessment of the condition and you history to unveil any potential contributors to your condition. An excellent assessment will determine the success of your treatment so all information gathered is significant in making your treatment tailored to your exact requiements.

The fun part for us! Here your therapist will call upon all their skills to treat you in the best way possible to help achieve optimal results. This could be massage, joint mobilsation, manipulation, kinesiotaping, electrotherapy or many other modalities our highly trained practitioners may call upon.

This is where you come in! Our therapist will guide you through a carefully thought out, progressive rehabilitation programme, including home exercise, where you are constantly monitored to ensure we gain the appropriate response from your body.

When painfree we aim to give you the tools to stay that way, and take your condition to a whole new level. Helping to reduce the chance of pain returning and generally improving your mechnanics to improve your physical performance whatever your endevour.