Sleep Performance Coaching

Sleep is something we have historically taken for granted, many of us just accept the fact that we are good or bad sleepers. The importance of sleep has come to the fore over the past few years, its importance for optimal physical, cognitive and emotional is now more widely known and this has driven investment in this sector of health which makes up the third part of the Trinity of Health, alongside Exercise and Nutrition.

This has led to us developing a specialism, and pathway, specific for improving and optimising Sleep Performance. Our approach to sleep falls in line with our approach to exercise, utilising our time to make the smallest changes that make the largest impact.

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Optimising your Sleep Performance

Why Seek to Optimise Sleep?

As you have already noticed, we take sleep seriously. The reason being that during our time working with elite athletes we noticed a undeniable association with reduced sleep performance and athletic performance on the pitch or in the car. There is an overwhelming body of research that tells us how suboptimal sleep or sleep deprivation (even 6 hours per night) will:

  • Reduce aerobic performance
  • Hinder physical and mental recovery
  • High calorie food cravings
  • Reduce creativity
  • Reduce ability to problem solve
  • Negatively impact mood and emotional processing

The list goes on. This is what has guided our attention on Sleep, and allowed us to devise a process to assess, monitor and positively impact your Sleep Performance.

How can we help?

We have developed a range of options to suit most budgets, which can allow us to assist in improving your sleep. We pride ourselves on our credibility, objectivity and transparency to enable us to deliver a fully accountable service that will help to measure the success of our interventions. This allows you to understand how you are progressing and helps us overcome any issues that are, or have been, holding you back. This is usually a process, that takes both you and us to be fully open with each other to gain optimal progress. With our end goal to empower you to own your sleep performance. Creating solid habits for you to build your health, performance and wellbeing.

How do we do that?

Step 1) Dialogue begins with a conversation, find out about you, your needs, your habits and your environment. Using a mixture of peer-reviewed and experience driven methods.

Step 2) We then make our recommendations on the optimal method of proceeding, giving you the the options based on your requirements and budget.

Step 3) We begin to implement the plan, depending on the option you take.

Step 4) We continually monitor and report findings at pre-determined intervals, allowing us to measure success and keep the program agile to your demands.

Step 5) Formal 6-week reviews take place to assess subjective progress and present objective data. Both of which inform us for our next step.

What next?

Each block entails 12 weeks of collaboration between you and us. The time commitment our Sleep Coaching takes from you and the cost involved depends on the package you select. The cost is determined on the time and materials we spend on each client, this makes the availability of the service very limited.

If you would like to know more about the Sleep Performance Coaching service then click on the button below to arrange a call back.

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