What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a multi-faceted discipline that revolves around the restoration of physical function to a pain free status so that you as the patient can return, as quickly as possible, to the things that are important to you in life. This may be your ability to return to work, your daily commute, recreational sport or elite sport. At BFitter, physiotherapy intervention is a hands on approach that ensures you get back to full activity in the shortest possible time.

What is Sports Therapy?

We’re often asked “what is Sports Therapy?”. A simple answer is that it is an approach to acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries almost identical to physiotherapy. The process is exactly the same, a thorough assessment leading to appropriate treatment and rehabilitation. Our Sports Therapist at BFitter combines a very movement and hands on approach to unearth any root-causes of problems to not only treat the current pain but to help to prevent the pain developing again. This approach is to ensure movement across the whole body is well distributed stopping overuse in regions prone to doing just that.

On your first visit to BFitter, you will be asked to review your medical history so that a comprehensive physical examination can be undertaken by an experienced physiotherapist. A full assessment of appropriate joints and soft tissues will then follow with particular focus on the biomechanics of your movement patterns.

From the initial assessment, the physiotherapist will draw upon a battery of skills, such as soft tissue techniques, joint mobilisation or manipulation, acupuncture or electro-acupuncture, muscle stimulation and postural correction,to name a few interventions, that ensure the body is given a kick start in the rehabilitation process.

Once the assessment and treatment phases have been completed, it’s now your turn to get active and complete a series of exercises that will be individually tailored to your needs. The programme will be demonstrated to you, and progressed over subsequent visits, to ensure that you are doing it correctly and optimal progress is being made.

From your initial assessment, we will know what our aims of treatment and rehabilitation are. We will aim to get you back to full function as quickly as possible and out-performing the previous you! That will take hard work from both sides but the results will be worth it!