Online Rehabilitation

Since 2018 we have been able to provide a comprehensive online rehabilitation service that gives you access to BFitter Performance, no matter where you are in the World. Since then the service has evolved and become an extremely effective way of moving from post-operative rehabilitation, all the way through to high end performance. With communication at the centre of this method working, we have established processes that allows optimal progression in a safe and effective way. This has led to many rehabilitation clients utilising us for their future programming needs due to our expertise in injury, rehabilitation and strength and conditioning.

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Our Process

Initial Consultation

We meet either in person within a clinical environment or online to discuss your requirements, and to discover if this form of rehabilitation is suitable for you. Similar to your initial appointment within a clinic, we will go through a structured assessment procedure and then, based on our findings, make recommendations on the next step.

There is no obligation to proceed. What we promise is that we will make our recommendations on what is best for you and how we can best be utilised on your journey. What we have found is that this initial consultation is a good way to for us to assess you, but also for you to assess us, and our process.

Liaise with specialists

Once we have delivered our recommendations, and you have decided on the pathway you’d like to undertake, we then get in touch with any specialists that have been involved in your care up to that point. Making these key contacts and communications is the foundation of our ongoing success, as the insights from your specialists inform our decision making and aid us, on our way to achieving optimal outcomes.

Plan development

With the agreed pathway set out, and all the information act our disposal, it is time for us to create the plan. This will be specific to your current context, not only pain and pathology status but access to equipment, time constraints and other lifestyle and environmental factors.

Outlining our plan, and methods of monitoring is extremely important as this process is a two-way street and your input is as important as ours. A large part of our journey is, in fact, education. What this means is that we encourage questions, because making you understand our thought processes can improve compliance as well as outcomes. You become more responsible and understanding of your program, feeling like your aiming a specific target rather than shooting into the dark.

Ongoing monitoring

This key aspect of the process is something you do not often get in the traditional model of clinic based support. We are able to see your progress, which exercises you complete, how difficult you find them and what starts to become easy, when it starts to become easy. Allowing us to progress on a daily basis, in a safe and secure manner.

Our app-based monitoring process increases accountability from both parties, allows us to make small tweaks to your programming and to communicate, specifically, on those exercises or sessions that require progression. That simply is not be possible when working in the traditional rehabilitation setting.

What happens when we’ve reached our goal?

You have options. Many of our online rehabilitation clients finish our work together, reach the goals they set out to achieve and then go ahead and take control of their future programming. We aim to pass you all the information you require to make this a reality.

The other option is to continue to work with us in a Performance Program capacity. This is very popular with those that want to continue to train or compete to a high level, but want to work with a team that can achieve that while considering your injury history.

The choice is yours!

Execute the plan

This is a new method of working in our sector and with change comes scepticism, which we fully embrace. If you are not sure if this would be useful for you and would like to know more then please schedule a call using the link below so we can have a quick discussion to see if our Online Rehabilitation service is right for you.