BFitter Performance

The Online Coaching market is flooded with Coaches of all standards trying to monetise their knowledge (of all standards remember) by creating on online coaching experience for clients. The problem with 99% of these is their generic nature, and due to often limited experience and education they struggle, or simply won’t, create solutions for the individual. This is contrary to their marketing of being a personalised service. Whether they admit it or not, their service is about volume and not quality.

We feel we do the Online Coaching service differently, as we have a strictly limited service. A limit of just 5 Online Coaching clients at any one time. We identify this with being a premium service, where you are gaining the experience of a coach who has worked in professional sport, as Consultant practitioner in high-end, established practices and with high achieving performers and business people. This low volume approach allows us to deliver what we are capable of, and gives you the best possible experience of working with a coach from distance.

Health Optimisation

Due to our broad working background and experience we are approach this part slightly differently. It is not just about lifting heavy weights and counting your macros. Health and Wellbeing is a complex balance of multiple streams of input into your daily life. Our model focuses on 5 key areas that feed into Your Health, Happiness & Success.

BFitter Performance Wellbeing model
BFitter Performance - The Plan
BFitter Performance - The Reality


Goal and context selection of the most appropriate way to reach any short and long term fitness or exercise related goals. These can range from reducing fat, building muscle, reaching a personal best for a 5km run or just to create an environment where you begin to enjoy a means of exercise that you can justify adding to your busy day. Depending on your requirements we can utilise training apps for us to seamlessly prescribe your daily exercise and communicate effectively and efficiently.


Identifying your habits when it comes to food and drink is an area that can have a huge payoff. Once identified, and if prioritised, we can start to put you on the road for positive, sustainable change in an area that is so often unplanned. It’s not just about calories, it’s about nourishment. With that as a focus we can have large impacts on energy levels, mood and decision making, as well as longer term health.

Physical Health

Referring to your general health, this encompasses any acute and chronic conditions that may impact you and your life. Generally speaking we target this in the long term but positively affecting the other areas outlined here. Via our vast network we have access to many World leading specialists in a variety of areas, which if required we can utilise to create solutions of any issues that we feel is relevant.

Sleep & Recovery

A less obvious area that we take incredibly seriously, we can become your sleep coach to help optimise your ability to not only recover physically, but mentally and emotionally. There is not statement we can make here that would do justice to this part of your health and wellbeing or its impact on outcomes of everything in your life.

Mental Health

A broad area that most people have to deal with. Thankfully the stigma around mental health is changing, society no longer shirks at this former taboo subject as we now understand that their is so much we can do to help improve it. We also know that by improving it, actively engaging in strategies to interfere when our bad habits begin to dominate, we can change your physiology and therefore impact your physical health.

Creating Change

To say that this is not your average Online Coaching opportunity is an understatement. We deliver a service that supports the changes you want to make and also, via analysis and interpretation, utilise our extensive experience to highlight areas that can be improved upon that you may not have even known about. The experience is dynamic in nature and via our relationship, between us, we will outline short and long term goals to help aid behaviour change and form new habits to help you lead a longer, healthier life.