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The concept of BFitter Performance’s Exercise Library is simple. To provide excellent quality instructional videos to help you develop your exercise knowledge, design your own sessions and learn more about each individual exercise to help you make better decisions around exercise selection.

By signing up to BFitter Performance’s Exercise Library you will gain full access to our extensive strength and mobility exercise database where each exercise has specific coaching points and explanations. Allowing you to understand how to apply good form to each exercise.

This is suitable for any interested student, trainer, gym goer or athlete, physiotherapy, rehabilitation or strength & conditioner.

By signing up to BFitter Performance Exercise Library you will

  • Quickly search through our comprehensive, ever expanding library of exercise videos
  • Learn the coaching cues that help you execute to movement effectively
  • Identify specific exercises that target the areas you want to effect
  • Improve your exercise knowledge base
  • See exercises in a whole new light including how they are working less obvious parts of your body

Signing up is simple. Just click on whether you want to join on a month to month basis costing £5.99 a month or pay for a full year upfront costing just £59.99