The concept of BFitter Performance’s Exercise & Education Library is simple

          Provide excellent quality instructional videos and articles to help you develop your exercise, sleep and nutrition knowledge
Give you a facility to design your own exercise session
Learn more about each individual exercise to inform your exercise selection
Improve your human anatomy knowledge to help you understand what you’re targeting

Trunk work to aid rehabilitation and performance

Become bigger and stronger with our strength exercises

Want to learn about Sleep?

….And how you can optimise your Sleep Performance to improve physical, cognitive and emotional performance? We’ve got it covered at BFitter Performance’s Exercise & Education Library.

We continue to build an extensive online database of easy to understand Sleep related presentations and articles that will ensure that you begin to understand what Sleep really is, what is does for you, why your body needs it and how you can begin to make simple changes that may have a huge impact on your Sleep.

By signing up to BFitter Performance Exercise & Education Library you will:

Quickly search through our comprehensive, ever-expanding library of exercise videos

Learn the coaching cues that help you execute to movement effectively

Understand the anatomy of sleep

Identify specific exercises that target the areas you want to effect

See exercises in a whole new light, including how they are working less-obvious parts of your body

Get to grips with the cycles of sleep and what a good night looks like

Improve your exercise knowledge base

Your Anatomy 101 module, ideal for students and those wanting to gain a base knowledge of anatomy

Understand what you can do to improve your Sleep Performance

Prepare for each session like the pro's do

Address your weaknesses to reduce chance of injury

Our Anatomy 101 module gives you the base muscular anatomy knowledge, which is tested when studying at undergraduate level, as well as for vocational personal training and massage therapy qualifications.

Two ways to subscribe to BFitter Performances Exercise Library.

Option 1 – Monthly Giving you flexibility to unsubscribe when you like at £5.99/month

Option 2 – Annually One payment that gives you two months free and only £59.99/year