Hi everyone I’m Barry Sigrist, and welcome to BFitter Performance’s Exercise Library.

Our concept is built around giving you access to a wide range of short instructional exercise videos, with relatable queing to ensure you execute the exercises effectively and safely.

There are many excellent exercise libraries available but we feel we are coming at this from a different angle that will make us different to what you may have seen previously.

1) We wanted to deliver a product that will, firstly, fortify your knowledge base, helping you to make more informed decisions around your programming for either yourself or your clients.

2) We wanted our library to be a reliable resource for people of all backgrounds. For newcomers who are interested in learning and applying our information to themselves all the way through to experienced practitioners looking to freshen up their exercise portfolios.

We’ve already mentioned the instructional videos, but what you’ll notice is that we have a narrative style paragraph explaining the exercises use, giving you further information that will help you decide on whether the exercise is appropriate for you or your client. Something that sets our library apart from the others is our Alternative view section. This is where we make suggestions, based on our experience, on less obvious ways each exercise can be used as well as a more global look at the exercise. Considering other areas that are being stressed that the text books don’t tell you about.

If we’re going to talk about exercise then we need to give you access to a solid anatomical footing. We’re doing this with our Anatomy sections, suitable for all levels of knowledge and very useful for those studying.


Our library caters for those studying exercise for science and medical related degrees, personal training qualifications, those interested in their own exercise programs for sports or health and aesthetics, and those looking to start their own training and exercise journey.

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