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A contemporary physiotherapy and performance practice that puts you first


With a variety of skills that allow a more holistic approach to pain and performance. The collaborative nature of the team ensures that these skills are utilised in your treatment, making your progress as smooth as possible


Our team are highly qualified within their fields and continually strive to progress. This drive for up-to-date knowledge ensures that your treatment plans are very well reasoned utilising contemporary research which allows a greater, faster improvement in your condition


Our continual drive for professional development to further improve our standards, has seen our staff not only work in elite sport but also lecture academically and produce peer reviewed publications. helping to share our knowledge with the wider medical population


We are always looking to push our services further, this drive leads us to keep our collective fingers on the pulse of medical knowledge, techniques and technology. Utilising our skills to ignore the marketing BS and really analyse what the new things in medicine can do for you


The World of medicine and science is forever changing. New knowledge, techniques and technology are always begin produced. Taking these factors into account continually changes the way we at BFitter treat, working with elite athletes demands that of us. This level of service is now yours


  • Very highly qualified staff
  • Vast experience in Premier League football
  • Commitment to innovation and contemporary practice
  • Based in Londons best equipped gym

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